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By Eliza Tam

Not many people heard the term Carbon Footprint, what it is and what the relation in global warming is is what I will share to you.

A carbon footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual or organization and it can also be a result of an event or product. It has units of tons or kilogram of carbon dioxide equivalent. In the simplest point of view, a carbon footprint is a measure of the affect or impact our activities have on the environment, and in particular climate change and global warming.

Carbon footprint is made up of two parts

1. The Primary Footprint is an assessment of our direct emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels. It includes domestic energy consumption and transportation such as car and plane. We have direct control of these footprints.

2. The Secondary Footprint is an assessment of the indirect CO2 emissions from the whole lifecycle of products we use every day. In short, the more products we buy, the more emissions will be caused on our behalf.

One of the biggest producers of carbon emissions is electricity. Therefore, every time you turn the television on or make a coffee you are adding to global warming. Now is the right time to reduce our footprint and we can do it anywhere and anytime especially in our own home.

Let's start by doing these simple things.

1. First and foremost, sign up to a supplier of electricity from renewable sources like solar, wind and hydroelectric power. By doing this you will reduce your carbon footprint contribution from electricity to zero.

2. Turn electrical appliances when not in use. Turning down the central heating and water heating setting by just 2 degrees will make a significant saving. Fit energy saving light bulbs.

3. Fill your washing machine and dish washer with a full load. By doing this will save you water, washing powder, and electricity.

4. Share a car, use the bus or train rather than your car and for short journeys either walk or ride a bicycle. If you travel less, you travel more carbon footprint friendly.

5. Change your buying habit. Do your weekly shopping in a single trip and buy only seasonal foods. Foods out of season will have either been flown or shipped in from far away and all adding to your carbon footprint. Buy local fruit and vegetables, or you may even try growing your own.

6. Buy organic produce and don't buy over packaged products and recycle as much as possible.

7. Think about what type of activities you do in your spare time. Avoid Saunas, Health clubs, restaurants and pubs, go-karting and other similar activities. Doing any of these can cause an increase in carbon emissions.

8. In your workplace, turn off monitor and computer and even lights when you are away or leaving from your desk. Don't print unnecessary documents and if it is possible to print two pages to a side and double sided, do it.

Reducing carbon footprint is just a matter of attitude. By doing these simple tips will make a significant impact on slowing global warming. You can be a source of inspiration to others and before you know it, they are following the right path because you lead them.

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