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By Ian Pennington

The effects of global warming could be seen around the world because on deserts, water scarcity is becoming increasingly serious, and in tropical countries summer season is getting longer. These things happen because the absorptive capacity of the atmosphere is reinforced by both natural and man-made cause global warming. Earth earthquake, eruption of the greenhouse effect and slow the global balance and human activities continually add to pollution and environmental pollution. Now that we are already experiencing these unlikely effects, we must ensure the proper solutions of global warming.

The first case brought by global warming is the use of renewable energies like solar, wind power, geothermal and biogas. The replacement of these items for use in oil and other fuels greatly reduce pollution and reduce global warming and its effects. The use of renewable energy could reduce the accumulation of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other by-products produced during the combustion process or fuel combustion. The second solution of global warming is found in humans because its actions are a major contributor to pollution. Humans should develop self-discipline, energy conservation should learn from these also could reduce global warming.

These solutions of global warming can not be done for a while because these efforts must be undertaken in a long process. People should be used for these changes and take in their daily lives as if we will only do so for several days, there will be reduction only, not solution or eradication. Today should begin the campaign to make known to all so that we can each take part in this global problem. We should start these campaigns ourselves, then our family and, finally, we will extend our company and the world. Everyone must fully understand what global warming is, what are its signs, what are possible solutions and what should we do now - the full understanding of the problem is also the remedy itself.

Our present world could still recover what they lost, whether we act to preserve, protect and conserve our environment. The plants can flourish once again and the animals and humans can procreate pro-create. Starting today we will not mind the loss in the solutions of global warming so that we will always be responsible in everything we do. We will always take the blame from ourselves to avoid anything that could contribute and worsen our current situation today. Once they have instilled in ourselves and start implementing it, without doubt, our world is a better place for their will be no threat of drought, famine, and of course the issue today, global warming.

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