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By Dewayne Blalock

You might disagree, but hear me out on this. In order to reduce global warming, we need to think globally but act locally. What? The common reaction of most people when it comes to global warming is "what can I do? I am so small and the problem is so big. How can one single individual make much of a difference? Some others say it's the big companies that are responsible for most of the climate change so let them tackle it.

By shifting blame we won't come to a solution. Global warming is everyone's problem. Cause even if you did not cause it you are still affected by it. The ones who don't cause it will suffer just as much as the ones who cause it. So there you have it. It really is everyone's problem. And every one can contribute to its solution.

The main causes of global warming as we all know is the increase of co2 in the earth's atmosphere. Co2 levels increase in the atmosphere due to deforestation, burning of fossil gas, toxic emits from land fields, to name a few of the most common causes.

To reduce global warming these are the areas of change required. There must be an increase in the planting of trees, a decrease in the use of fossil burning, increase efforts for recycling, and a stop to landfills. In a way the computer age has been a boon. Though the computer age has contributed to climate change, it has also led to a decrease of the use of paper. And paper as we all know comes from trees.

To reduce global warming everyone has to do their part. As an individuals, there things we can do to lend our contribution. We can make sure to recycle things and whereby reduce waste. Buying reusable products over disposable ones is a good way to start.. We can spread the word of how to protect the Earth and reduce climate change.

We can instruct others. We can drive less and use public means of transportation. We can join clubs that promote the planting of trees. We can protest if there is an illegal cutting down of trees in our neighborhood. We can save electricity in our homes. We can use less electronic gadgets. We can all do our little bit to reduce global warming. Your next step? Take what you have just learned and educate yourself on how you can help to control and prevent climate change.

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