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By Ian Pennington

Human causes global warming because most of their daily activities involve the use of oil and fuel which are widely known as a primary source of pollution and contaminants that trigger global warming. The best example of these activities are the use of vehicles, machines and other modern technological advancements made by man which use oil and fossil fuels. Due to the beneficial effects of these things in our daily lives, we never notice the negative effects its prolonged and unmonitored use brings to our environment. Today we focus more on the conveniences and comfort that we derive instead of preserving mother earth.

Now, let's go into the details on how human causes global warming as we head into the 21st century. Our rampant use of modern day vehicles such as cars is the foremost contributor to the global warming factor. They use oil or fuel that when are burned or consumed release emissions that contain hazardous elements like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. Another is the use of machines and fuel operated devices utilized in factories, which also contribute to global warming for the same reason as they consume fuel hence emitting poisonous gases to our atmosphere.

In light with the slow but sure deterioration of our environment, we as stewards of our planet need to make necessary adjustments in order to ensure the preservation of Mother Nature. One such method is by turning to alternatives which are now made available for us due to technological advancements such as solar powered cars, and geothermal power plants. Awareness must be made regarding this serious problem so we can make adjustments to better combat this growing threat. Better educating our society regarding the effects of global warming would tremendously increase our awareness thus providing us or at the very least giving us clues on ways to solve the problem. This is the first step we have to take if we are to help our environment. As the human causes global warming, it is only that same human who can stop and reverse the condition.

These are only some of the options that we can turn to in order to stop and hopefully reverse our environment's condition. It is imperative that we make amends for the mistakes we and our ancestors have made that our society and environment as it is now. The time to act is now and as surely our Earth is in need of the same nourishment it has provided us since the beginning of time. The human causes global warming problem must be stopped and our environment cured if we are to make our world safe to live in for us today and for generations to come.

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