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By Nathalie Fiset

Today, everybody lives on a planet that has been battered by careless generations of the past. And we are still contributing to the earth's eventual loss.

There are so many factors that could cause the planet's demise. Water, air, land pollution, also, global warming. Global warming is defined as the increase in Earth's temperature (on both its bodies of water and atmosphere). Scientists have also projected a continuance on the temperature increase. Most people believe that global warming has occurred because of many, harmful human activities. Partly, of course, it is true. But let us try to look at all the other factors that lead to this catastrophe - well, before you start to panic or fuss about being toasted alive. Know first, that most of them are myths!

The National Center for Policy Analysis in the United States has contested the common myth that humans are the primary cause of global warming. According to them, there is no known scientific consensus in the globe that establishes the fact that humans have made a major contribution to global warming. That sort of eases the burden on our conscience, doesn't it?

There are so many myths about global warming that we are now led to think that they are facts. Let's start busting them one by one:

1. Scientists all over the world agree that there is global warming. Myth. Although the earth's surface is a bit warmer (by 0.3 degrees Celsius) since the 1800's, no known scientific organization or group have agreed on that fact. In fact, scientists have recorded that over the past 18 years, there was no increase in earth's temperature.

2. Humans caused global warming. Yet another myth. In fact, the burning of fossil fuels alone is not enough to cause earth's global warming. And scientists agree on that fact. This is not a denial of man's negligence rather, they dare to establish the fact that humans comprise just a small percentage on the cause of global warming.

3. There will be major natural catastrophes that will occur on the planet's surface as the condition worsens. Myth number 3. Globally, scientists agree that no major hurricanes are on their way just because the earth's temperature rose slightly. They also stated that the ocean levels would not rise to consume humankind. The sea levels have risen, yes. But this is just within normal bounds. Also, the ice caps are not melting at an alarming rate.

4. The government should act fast in global warming legislations. Myth. While it is true that the government should try to protect the planet from further damage, there should be no rush on our legislators. The effects of global warming haven't reached the point where extinction should be feared. According to scientists, the government can wait until the year 2020 to cut on emissions, that is, if they want to wait until that year.

5. This next myth could be attributed to humankind's denial of global warming. People say that global warming is not true because winters are much colder than what they use to be. Although more and more people are bundling up during the winter season, this does not erase the scientific fact that the earth's surface is warmer now than in the previous years. But then again, there is no cause for panic.

6. The level of carbon dioxide on planet earth is at a staggering rate. Myth number 6 now. With or without the help of humans, the levels of carbon dioxide do rise and fall. And just so you would be appeased, carbon dioxide levels were much higher in the past when industrial developments were non-existent, than they are now.

7. The fluctuation of carbon dioxide levels cause global warming. Busted again! It is the other way around. Global warming can cause a shift in the levels of carbon dioxide.

8. Walking or using bikes would help save the planet from global warming. That is a false idea. Giving up all the gas-driven vehicles in the world would not make a major change on the earth's temperature. Remember that it is the solar activities that cause major changes on the earth's temperature and not carbon dioxide (or monoxide for that matter).

These are globally accepted ideas about global warming but are actually myths. Why don't you go about and tell the ‘real facts' to your loved ones. Start with the one beside you.

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