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By Lottie Carrot

According to a paper from the Proceedings of the National Economy of Sciences, we are producing too much C02. The C02 has a literal "bath tub" effect on the globe, as it continues to fill and the "drainage" is not working fast enough. To add to this problem is the fact that the environment is experiencing warmth amplification from other greenhouse gases.

Slew of problems:

On the global scale, climate change and its vicissitudes, including amplified warming would have profound effects on the lives of people everywhere. These are all interrelated, and even the ozone hole is not improving.

C02 emissions from the use of oil products and fossil fuels have increased the C02 saturation in the atmosphere, to the point that the natural "sinks" where the C02 can drain are clogging up. Plants and other natural "sinks" cannot absorb or transform the C02 fast enough.

The effect?

Amplified warming in most of the areas of the world that have been used to the cold. Northern Europe is not excluded from this bleak picture. With the problem of peak oil and other significant man-made problems, it seems that there is little to smile about in the coming fifteen or so years.

Job for the Governments:

Scientists and climatologists have been literally "bugging" national governments to take care of the climate and the environment. Now that climate change cannot possibly be a good thing in relation to food production in sensitive regions of the world, science is waiting for human intervention to happen.

The current treaties, such as the Kyoto Protocol are not really helping that much due to the sheer number of people dependent on technologies that produce carbon dioxide emissions. The problem is widespread but not incurable.

However, there is a misconception that if people lower emissions, the warming will stop. This is not the case, since the warming has evolved through hundreds of years the Earth will need more time to stabilize itself. However, not doing something now can speed up the processes. A long term solution is required to control the millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions thrown to the air on a yearly basis.

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