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By Lance Winslow

During the election Global Warming was one of the most important concerns. It was always in the top one or two, but now it has slipped to number 20; how is that possible? Don't you find that interesting, I sure do and yes, that surprised me too when I heard that on the TV news.
Of course, if you live above the Mason Dixon line you are in the teens, zeros or below (with wind-chill) for temperatures. The Global Warming PR gets more play in the Summer Time, when it's hotter out. The EU is all about jobs and economics right now.

Plus, have you considered that this economic slow-down and financial crisis in the world economy has reduced consumption by a huge amount? I did see some Global Warming PR yesterday in the online news, but it was buried, people are into the New President, his silly Black Berry and what type of dog the girls get, and those unauthorized Beanie Baby dolls? You know it's all factually fictitious fodder for the masses. I have Obama Media Fatigue myself.

Also, when you have the new President on every TV station and his name on every page of every newspaper in the country, and he says "things are going to get worse, before they get better" and the normal doom and gloom on the financial news, well, you can see that the economic situation is on people's minds.

And unemployment is creeping up in many regions - lots of layoffs. Usually this signals the bottom, then the Corporations start returning to profits after the street gives them slack on their earnings, their stock goes back up eventually, a quarter or two, then the stock market leads the economy by six-months.

So, all these things are why Global Warming Theory is now on page 6 of the newspaper where it should be and why no one is particularly concerned. Think on this.

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