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By Daniel Ambrose

There are many ways to fight global warming and to help the environment, rather than contributing to the ways that are harmful to our environment.

I know many will say they are unable to help, or just do not know how. Well I am happy you are reading this because you have just taken a step towards contributing to the fight of global warming.

Step #1, Acknowledging that there is a problem and taking steps to learn more about it and how to fight it.

That is the most important step, as without it, you will never take the following steps that are so important to the fight to save our planet from plummeting into an irreversable cycle of global warming and chaotic climate change.

The ways to fight global warming are not what is difficult. The difficult part is now past - you have accepted that we must fight and do our part.

Step #2, Did you realize that simply changing your house hold lights to fluorescent, or energy saving bulbs can make a huge differrence in your carbon foot print?

So realizing that simple things can make a huge difference in the fight against global warming. It does not need to be something that throws your whole life out of kilter. But on the bright side, making these simple changes can save you alot of money on your utility bills.

Step #3, Stop throwing our future in the trash.

When I first started to recycle I was worried I would not have a way to store the recycling - because our community use to only collect recycling once every month. Wow! Did I ever get a wake up call.

I soon discovered that instead of setting out two very large cans, with wheels, full of garbage each week, I was setting out one can that was no where near full, each week. So I was adding a lot less to the dumps, and I had an extra can for my recyclables - Except the newspapers that I just stacked neatly until recycling day.

Step #4, Rediscover the joy of walking to the local grocery store.

This is an important step, and I understand that it just is not possible for everyone. But the important part is to realize the need to drive your vehicle less. Think about that trip to the store. Must you go now? Perhaps you can put it off, or combine that trip with something else that you are going to need to do.

Step #5, Consider upgrading your vehicle to a more economical model, or a hybrid.

This final step I through out there in the hopes of catching you in the right frame of mind that you will seriously consider this step. I know this can be a big decision for many people, and I only throw it out there to get you to at least be thinking about it.

As always, here at, I make suggestions, and provide simple tips, because I want to do all I can to help in your effort to go green and in providing ways to fight global warming. Because I want my grandchildren, to have the same wonderful world to enjoy watching their grandchildren grow. Thank you!

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