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By Lance Winslow

For those who charge the scientists and folks who do not buy into the whole global warming debate as Deniers, it is rather interesting that this political football is being run towards the goal line by alternative energy companies. For instance, in Bonn Germany, groups from around the world are getting together to discuss what limits, regulations, and rules should be placed on World-Wide Industry to curb CO2 output and curtail climate change.

Bonn, Germany also is the home of one of the largest solar cell factories in the world, and obviously, they stand a lot to gain if a carbon trade scheme is implemented in the US and if the WTO puts carbon tax requirements and quotas on competing energy generation sources and coal-fired plants. Of course the group getting together says they are "working to build a treaty to tackle climate change" and whereas, that maybe true, they are also building something that will definitely guarantee their own success and profits.

In other words this group is filled with people and companies that will profit of any regulations imposed on their rivals and competing companies. Now they have joined with the UN's UNFCCC (United Nation's Framework Convention on Climate Change). It should be quite apparent that this is no longer about clean energy or saving the Earth; this is purely about wrestling away the highly profitable energy sector from competitors, just like Kyoto tried to do.

While the United States is putting together a counter proposal, it is clear that they have a two-fold reason for doing so; first, they want to curtail China's and India's industrial capacity so they can compete. And they also wish to appease the masses which have been brain-washed into believing that Global Warming is real by the world media. Further, I certainly hope no one who is in a leadership position in the US is actually doing this because CO2 is a pollutant or causing the planet's ambient temperatures to heat up, because it's all a bunch of hot air. Please consider this.

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