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By Rita Chatterjee

Is a water powered car really possible? Can it really help prevent global warming from happening?

Without a doubt, it is possible to run your car with water - still with gas, but not 100%. The principle is simple; with water you can split two elements, oxygen and hydrogen. With these and gasoline in your engine, you are running on an Earth-friendly car. Though there are also cars that are running on fuel-cell in the market, but this one is far safer. And not only is this technology good for Mother Nature, it also has a lot of advantages for you.

It increases your gas mileage to up to 35%. This applies to both highway and city driving conditions. One can save money on fuel -- it is estimated, that each car could save at least a thousand bucks a year by running their car on water. And the more cars you use in your family, the bigger your annual savings are.

Water hybrid car eradicates the emission that can harm the environment and thus contribute to global warming. Instead of polluting your surroundings, you will be adding oxygen to the environment. And as we all know, we people need oxygen. It also eliminates carbon deposit and therefore prevents carbon build up in the future.

It is also a fact that the more gas you use, the more the engine of your car gets battered and in effect reduce the performance. This alternative though, can improve your engine's performance instead. You will note a quieter, smoother and much calmer engine operation - because using water has that effect on the engine's combustion cycle. So you may enjoy your car engine's extended life expectancy, especially the rings, valves and the pistons.

And the best thing about this, apart from the advantages to your pocket and to your environment - you can build the device yourself using the conversion kits that are available in the market today. Being environment-friendly is easy nowadays; you just have to want it. So start driving water hybrid cars, not only will you be contributing to your planet; you will also be saving tons of money.

Here are your advantages of using water as a fuel?

1. Prevent global warming and reduce carbon emission
2. You can build hydrogen gas generator in your car with less than $100 investment.

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