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By Ian Pennington

In spite of the advancement of our technology, why is it that the problem with global warming is yet a big issue? And with the extreme environmental conditions and changing weather patterns, why are the true facts about global warming still being disputed? As we understand how the different global warming facts impact on our lives, we should stop arguing and just keep in mind our respective roles in preventing further damage from occurring like the storm effects of El Nino, La Nina and the havoc brought on our environment.

Being responsible citizens of this planet, we have a pressing duty to communicate the true facts about global warming to all, but how are we going to start such communication? It will be so important to be of great awareness about the accurate facts and we can only do this by continual study. Among the first things that we should know is the correct details on the history of the earth, which is created almost 4 Billion years ago. Our planet's atmosphere contained less than 1% oxygen and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was as low as 190 parts per million as of the last Ice Age, about 21,000 years ago.

In 2007, over 800 Million Motor Vehicles have accounted for 80% of all transport-related energy use. The warmest years on record were 1998 and 2005.

Global warming is also induced once there are changes in land use like when forests are converted from wild agricultural plantations to rangelands then from rangelands to farmed agricultural land, and then finally to urban areas. Deforestation, over cultivation, desertification, overgrazing, and salinity - also reduce the net uptake of carbon dioxide, increasing global warming. The forests in 3rd world countries are shattered and cause carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, letting smoke and embers to take carbon levels in the air to a higher stage. Carbon molecules act together with other chemicals in the air to produce a greenhouse effect. Researches say that in 10 years or so, climate change will significantly bring out worse effects on humans and other living things. So knowing these true facts about global warming, we should take our individual responsibilities seriously before it's too late.

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