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By Meg Greenly

Many people who consider themselves to be a responsible world citizen, who want to do what they can to help the environment are finding themselves in a giant quandary in these times.


Because, they want to do their part to help control and maybe stop Global Warming before it is too late! The problem is, they just don't know what to do to help.

Sure, everyone knows they can get energy efficient light bulbs but, that just isn't enough to help an awful lot. You could get a car that gets a lot better gas mileage. But, what can all of us do to really help?

One thing you might consider, is to learn how to create your own renewable energy with some method which is non-polluting. Now, that would really make sense, wouldn't it?

If everyone did this we would no longer be dependent on the middle east oil. We would no longer need a large standing army to protect the oil and would not have worry About the enormous transfer of our country's wealth to the middle east This is what T.Boone Pickens has recently been talking about on television and the Internet.

We have known for several years that sooner or later we are going to run out of oil worldwide The experts seem to disagree widely on this issue and the probable date when will run out. Based on what some of the best researchers say such as, Thom Hartmann, author of the great book entitled "The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight" it will probably be some where around 2030. That's only another 22 years.

What will we do when this happens?... For sure, one thing we will have to change an awful lot of our habits and attitudes about what is really important to us. Don't you Agree?

It seems pretty evident that it is going to require a plethora of things, Only one solution won't solve the giant problem.

So the question is what can we do as concerned Citizens to help rather than just be a part of the problem?

*The best thing I can see, is to become self- sufficient, and not have to rely on anyone for Energy but ourselves.

*Get our own energy system and if possible even grow as much of our food as we can.

*Find a source of really healthy food preferably organic. Encourage our families to do the same.

How can the average person afford to be self contained and self-reliant? The answer, would seem to be:

*To practice all the conservation we can.

*Recycle as much as practical.

*I hear some great reports from people who have started using a device on their cars that uses some water for gas.

*New technologies have made both solar and wind power more efficient and affordable.

*Also, there are some excellent do it yourself manuals on building your own Energy Systems.

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