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By Chuck R Stewart

Global warming is occurring nationwide and the results are being felt by all Americans. Because the ozone layer is thinning due to toxic air pollution produced by humans, we are suffering the consequences of that behavior. Climate changes and the warming of the earth has been felt over the past decade in all of the states in America. What can you do to fight the heat during the hottest months? It will discuss how to save money by using Louisville air conditioning repair and Louisville air conditioning service to maintain your HVAC system as well as preparing your home to stay cooler from better insulation.

The warming trend has been a concern over the years and has been felt not only in the traditionally warmer climates like the south and southwestern states but also in the colder climate like Alaska and Vermont. One example is of Vermonters that have lived in their green mountain state for 25 or more years. Years ago air conditioning and even a fan was typically not needed during the summer months as the highest temperature usually was in the upper 70's. Now it is not uncommon to have hot, humid days that are well into the 90's requiring some form of cooling for these old farmhouses. Even as early as 15 years ago, new construction never included central air conditioning because it simply was not necessary and now that is no longer the case.

In Alaska the global warming is making an impact on the glaciers and water levels. As the glaciers that had always stayed frozen twelve months out of the year are now melting, it is increasing the areas water levels and causing some erosion of the land. Areas that were once land are now under water due to this melting of glaciers. Many ecologists are afraid that the present generation will be the last ones to be able to see such glaciers exist.

Some states like Florida, Georgia and Texas have always been warm but now have gotten so hot during the summer that is affecting its residents in an alarming way. There are a great number of deaths from extreme heat and humidity in these areas that local news channels are often warning elderly and children to stay out of the heat as it can make them very sick. Air conditioning is a necessity in these areas but not everyone can afford it. Fans in the windows can help a bit but a good idea is to have the insulation in your home replaced that will help keep your home cooler in the summer heat.

In states that have less humidity, swamp coolers are quite popular in cooling residences and work places. This is particularly useful in desert states like Arizona or Nevada where the air is dry and the temperatures are high. The swamp cooler sits on top of the roof and with a fan and water helps to cool the interior space of the home. Many think it is as effective as air conditioning at a fraction of the cost.

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