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By Barry Lough

The climate change hoax is what some people call the theory of global warming. Many people out there do not agree with this theory or its purposed consequences. Is global warming a hoax?

The book, "The Chilling Stars: The New Theory of Climate Change," explains how the sun's cosmic rays have a much larger affect on the earth's climate than the carbon dioxide levels do. We just so happen to be going through a quiet period with the sun right now. During this quiet time the sun does not give us as much protection and allows more rays from outer space to hit us. This causes more clouds which leads to cooler temperatures.

During questioning of NASA scientists recently, all three of them avoided directly answering questions about climate change. All of them would only say that it was not their area of expertise. They would not even give their personal opinion about what they thought. One had even read the book mentioned above and still would not say if he agreed with the book or not. Makes me wonder if they have a gag order on them.

There is also further evidence of a climate change hoax when you look at ancient climates. Look at the average temperature for the mid Paleozoic Era, which ended about 250 million years ago, and you see that it was about 27 degrees C. At the end of the Mesozoic Era, when the dinosaurs ruled, the average temperature also hung around 27 degrees C. We are in the Cenozoic Era which started at about 25 degrees C and at present our average temperature is about 15 degrees C, so we have gone down as far as 12 degrees C. In other words, we are only warming up from a minimum of 12 degrees C but nowhere near warmer than we have been in earth's history.

All of the eras have had their highs and lows, which should make one think that maybe it is a normal cycle of the earth to have these changes. When the temperature dropped right after the mid Paleozoic Era it only stayed low for a little while and then climbed right back to 27 degrees. Back then, the earth did not have the factors that we have today that people blame for global warming.

So why did the earth warm up after cooling? There have been similar ups and downs in the average temps throughout the different eras. Actually, our Cenozoic Era has been low, temperature wise, for the last half of it. We are averaging quite cool temperatures now comparing the overall averages of the other eras.

Another sign that shows that global warming is questionable is that Antarctica's ice is in better shape than reported earlier. In October 2008, the ice extent makes up to 18.1 million square km, up from the measurement taken in October 1979 when it reached 18.0 million square km. The concentration of the ice is 13.9 million square km, a rise from 13.6 million square km. So where is this drastic melting we keep hearing about?

Also, it has been suggested by the Equinox series that some scientists have actually had funding denied because they wanted to try to discredit the present global warming theory.

So is global warming a hoax? Do your own research and discover the facts on this climate change hoax for yourself.

Barry is a weather forecaster who now conducts air quality modeling and research. He has a diversified background in meteorology an likes to use strong intellect and savvy, scientific methods, statistical research and analysis for interesting and unusual things. He also seems to enjoy writing about related topics.

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